Portal Updates
Portal Updates

Portal Updates

Portal weekly updates are now accessible on this link: https://www.joinportal.com/updates/

Old Updates

May 26, 2021

Billing - Ability to charge clients directly

When creating invoices and subscriptions, you now have the ability to add a credit card on behalf of the client and charge the client directly.


Improvements and fixes

  • Added logic that automatically adds your logo to invoices.
  • Added a confirmation step when cancelling subscriptions.
  • Redesigned the color picker on the Customization page to be more intuitive.
  • Redesigned the invoice and subscription creation experience.
  • Fixed a bug where on the client details page we showed payment-related information even if the billing section is disabled.
  • Fixed a bug where clients who have not yet been invited still received some email notifications in rare circumstances.

May 19, 2021

Improvements and fixes

  • Added a New button on the client details page that combines actions across the enabled modules.
  • Improved notification behavior for the Forms module so that new form submissions show real-time without refresh.
  • Fixed a bug that caused poor link formatting in the Messaging module.
  • Fixed a bug where the marketing website rendered poorly on small screens.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented updating client profile pictures.

May 12, 2021

QuickBooks integration

There is now an Apps section in your settings and QuickBooks is the first app we're letting you connect. Once setup, invoices seamlessly sync with your QuickBooks account.


Improvements and fixes

  • Added 'Lead' and 'Visibility' fields to the client details page.
  • Added subscriptions to the client details page.
  • Added upgrade prompts in the product so it is clearer what features are only available on the Pro plan.
  • Redesigned the Files module so that there is more space for long file names.
  • Simplified the design of the custom domains settings page.
  • Improved the scrolling experience in the Messaging module
  • Fixed a bug where your company name got auto-capitalized on the sidebar.
  • Fixed a bug where loading a portal briefly showed the login screen.
  • Fixed a bug related to updating client profile pictures.
  • Fixed navigation bugs in portals that only have the knowledge base enabled.

May 5, 2021

Improvements and fixes

  • Added the ability for internal users to update the name and profile picture of a client user.
  • Added the ability for internal users to add a payment method on behalf of a client and change the primary payment method.
  • Added the ability for internal users to reset a client user's password
  • Redesigned the client details page.
  • Improved the experience of opening a client invite URL as an internal user. Previously you were automatically redirected to the CRM and now you can login as the client.
  • Improved the loading speed of all module pages when they have no content.
  • Fixed a bug that made it difficult to change the plan you are on.

April 28, 2021

Improvements and fixes

  • Added a new task for new customers called "Create your first client".
  • Updated the clients details page with a collapse-able right-sidebar.
  • Improved the onboarding experience for new customers.
  • Redesigned the custom domains page.
  • Redesigned the plans page.
  • Fixed a bug where the first tab on the client details page was not always selected.

April 21, 2021

Advanced billing settings

On the Settings/Billing page, you can now specify which payment methods you want to accept (credit card, ACH, or both), indicate who pays for payment processing fees (either you or the client), and set a default memo. These settings are saved as defaults and can be overwritten when a new invoice or subscription is created (in the Advanced Settings section).

Subscription scheduling

You now have more controls when creating a subscription. You can select a start date (immediately, 1st of next month, custom date) and end date (never, after a specific number of cycles, custom date).

Improvements and fixes

  • Added helper text on the customization pages to make it clear what the images you upload there can be used for.
  • Added time stamps (hours and minutes) on the Messaging module for messages sent in the prior 7 days.

April 14, 2021

Improvements and fixes

  • Updated how internal user and client user deletions work. When a user is deleted, their email is now immediately available for use again. This fixes a common problem new customers have who frequently invited themselves as a client (using another email) and then later wanted to use this same email for an internal user.
  • Simplified how customers can manage their Portal subscription. Customers can now see their plan, past invoices, and manage their payment method, all on the Settings/Plans page.
  • Added logic that kicks client users out of active sessions immediately after they are deleted by internal users.
  • Improved the invoices page that is shown to internal users when no invoices have been created yet.
  • Fixed a bug where resending a client invite didn't work in some scenarios.

April 7, 2021

Improvements and fixes

  • Improved the design of the checkout flow.
  • Improved the performance of the billing page by removing an extra refresh.
  • Updated fonts and colors for modals across the product.
  • Fixed a bug where connecting a dashboard results in no channel being selected.
  • Fixed a bug where radio buttons switch to checkboxes for forms that have been submitted.
  • Fixed copy on various initial state pages.

March 31, 2021

Subscriptions with line items

You can now create subscriptions with multiple line items. Invoices previously had this capability and now subscriptions have it as well.


Default visibility

You can now set default visibility rules in your settings. When a client is created, visibility is set based on those preferences. As a reminder, visibility rules define who on your team can see a client and the client's associated information (messages, files, etc.).


Multi file upload for forms

For questions of type file upload, clients can now submit multiple files.


Improved empty states for file channels

When you select a files channel that doesn't have any files, we now show a redesigned page that makes it clear what actions are available (upload file, add link, create folder).


Improvements and fixes

  • Added an improved way to connect custom domains that makes the process fast (<2 minutes in most cases) and requires fewer records to be added on your registrar.
  • Improved the performance of the CRM page by 85%.
  • Improved the marketing website Contact Us page.
  • Improved the design of forms with long titles.
  • Improved column alignment on the forms table.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the removal of questions when editing a form.

March 24, 2021

Improved welcome messages

When you create a client, a conversation is now created right away (even you don’t invite the client yet). In this conversation, we show the draft welcome message that will be once the client signs in for the first time. We hope this update improves clarity around how welcome messages work.


Improvements and fixes

  • Added the ability to duplicate forms.
  • Improved the search experience across the product.
  • Improved the experience of inviting client users and internal users that have already been invited. The action is now called "Resend invite".
  • Fixed a bug where client user profile pictures where not used on the Messaging pages.

March 17, 2021

Improvements and fixes

  • Added ability to delete custom domains.
  • Renamed the titles of two pages. Messaging now says "Conversations" at the top and Files says "File channels".
  • Fixed a bug where an internal user who gets unassigned from a client doesn't lose the notifications that were associated with that client.
  • Fixed a bug where the icon you set on the Customization page didn't get used for your favicon.

March 10, 2021

Client assignment

Client assignment is our biggest release to date and makes Portal work for larger teams (up to 50 people on a team). With client assignment you can now easily (1) assign a lead to each client and (2) select the team members that can see the client and their information (messages, files, invoices etc.) all from one unified place.

Improvements and fixes

  • Added a sticky sidebar notification for clients who have open invoices. For example, if a client has 2 unpaid open invoices, they will see a "2" beside "Billing" in the sidebar. The notifications only go away when the invoices are paid.
  • Improved the eSignatures user experience.
  • Redesigned avatars, channels, toggles, tags, text fields, and modals.
  • Updated the Portal guide.

March 3, 2021

Help center

Internal users can now click on Help center in the bottom of the sidebar. On the Help center, internal users are greeted with 4 useful links - the Portal Guide, our Slack community, contact support, and recent updates.


Link sharing for client invites and invoices

Sometimes a client just won’t check their email to accept their portal invite or pay an invoice. Now you can click on the actions button on a client (on the CRM page) or on an open invoice (on the Invoices page), and copy a link that you can share with your client via email, SMS, or any method you choose.


Improvements and Fixes

  • Improved the experience of uploading large files in Messaging.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking on the Preview action for an eSigned document showed the original document.

February 24, 2021

Pricing page

If you're using our marketing website, you can now customize a pricing page where you can show your subscription tiers.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Increased the per-transaction ACH limit to $75K.
  • Improved the experience of using the forms module on mobile with a collapse-able sidebar on the right side.
  • Improved the experience of managing your settings.
  • Improved the experience of uploading/replacing images.

February 17, 2021

Google Analytics

Added the ability to connect Google Analytics accounts. Once you've added your tracking ID on Settings/General, you can see metrics on your Google Analytics dashboard.


Improvements and Fixes

  • Added the ability use custom text blocks in the eSignature request flow. The custom block can be used for company names, addresses, etc.
  • Improved the alignment of eSignature blocks when they are added to the page.
  • Improved the intake form creation flow so that it is easier to add lots of questions.
  • Improved how quickly custom domains get connected.
  • Improved the drag & drop experience in the files module.
  • Redesigned the Settings page so that it shows in a modal.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some typed messages to disappear in rare circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug where double clicking on a signed eSignature document showed the original version instead of the signed version.

February 10, 2021

Improvements and Fixes

  • Added an audit trail page to the end of documents that went through the Portal eSign flow to meet even the strictest eSignature criteria.
  • Added empty state pages to all modules so the experience is better for internal users and client users when a module has no content (for example, no invoices or knowledge base articles).
  • Added a tooltip to the icon that indicates which invoices are part of subscriptions
  • Improved the look of headers on mobile screens.
  • Improved several small UX details in the Forms module.
  • Improved the rendering process on the messaging page; improving stability.
  • Fixed spelling mistakes for intake forms email notifications.
  • Fixed a bug where in-product messaging notifications didn't go away real-time.

February 3, 2021

Intake Forms

Following up on our eSignatures release 2 weeks ago, today we're excited to announce our next module - Intake Forms. With intake forms, collecting client information becomes quick and streamlined. Check out the 5 minute video to see how it works.

Slack community

We are grateful that so many of you have shared feedback with us - what module to build next, how to make existing modules better, etc.. This morning, we created a Slack group for everyone that wants a more direct line of communication with our team and connect with other tech-forward professionals. We're starting really small - with just 15 invitations going out this week - but we'll increase the size of the group over time.

To join the Portal community Slack group, click here.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Added the ability to set the role (admin or staff) of a team member at the time of invitation.
  • Added a send button to the Messaging channel page.
  • Added an icon on the invoices table that tells you which invoices are generated through subscriptions.
  • Added a video walkthrough to the tips card (you won't see it if you are fully setup already!).
  • Redesigned tables with better sizing, animations, action buttons, hover states, and more.
  • Redesigned tags, toggles, spinners, tooltips, and drop downs.
  • Switched to an infinite scroll paradigm for tables so that you no longer have to click through pages if you have a lot of rows. Just scroll down and new items appear!
  • Improved the experience of connecting a custom domain with real-time checks that tell if you setup was successful.
  • Fixed a bug where client users saw billing settings even when the Billing module is disabled.

January 27, 2021

Improvements and Fixes

  • Added a plans page where you can choose between monthly and annual plans and upgrade/downgrade.
  • Add a Pay button for clients on open invoices that is much more prominent.
  • Redesigned the invoice & subscription creation flows.
  • Improved the dragging experience for blocks in the eSignature flow.
  • Fixed a bug so that when the Billing module is disabled, clients don't have a payment methods section in Settings anymore.
  • Fixed a bug with the sidebar header sections.
  • Fixed a bug related to searching in the Knowledge Base module.

January 20, 2021


Since the beginning, our vision for Portal has been to give your clients one unified place from where they can do business with you. After many months of development, we’re taking a big step in that direction by introducing a secure eSignature solution that is beautifully integrated with the rest of your portal. We recorded a quick video to show you how it works.

Module Management

We’re currently in the midst of the no code movement which is making it easier and easier to customize the tools you use to run your business. With this release, you can now enable and disable modules yourself. As we move forward with eSignatures and dozens of more modules over the next few years, this is an important first step in giving you complete control over how your software looks and feels to your team and clients.


Onboarding Tips card

If you have a portal but are not yet fully setup, we now show you an onboarding tips card with links that bring you directly to the relevant pages. If you dismiss it, it will permanently be removed for you and your team.


Improvements and Fixes

  • File channels are now auto-created when you create a new client.
  • Simplified the Create Client modal so that the company field is always visible.
  • Updated two email notifications so that they work regardless of which modules you have enabled.
  • Updated the sidebar so that subsections remain selected if you are on a create page. For example, if you are creating a new invoice, "Invoices" remains selected in the sidebar.
  • Updated the user details page so that Files is shown before Invoices.
  • Fixed a bug where the user details page sometimes cached the name of a user you previously selected.

January 13, 2021

Improvements and Fixes

  • Redesigned the headers used in the produced and introduced a universal search bar.
  • Redesigned the Create pages (invoice create, knowledge base article create, etc.) with breadcrumb navigation so it is easier to navigate back.
  • Redesigned the iconography used across the product.
  • Redesigned all buttons and dropdowns.
  • Fixed a bug that caused in-product file notifications to come in delayed.

January 6, 2021

Improvements and Fixes

  • Added support for sending SVG files in messaging.
  • Redesigned the sidebar.
  • Redesigned the iconography used across the product.
  • Redesigned the success & failure snackbars that are shown in the bottom-right for various actions.
  • Various minor design improvements that improve the mobile user experience.
  • Updated the permissions for Staff Internal Users so that General Settings and Domain Management Settings are restricted.
  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly saved due dates on invoice templates.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented file notifications from being shown in the sidebar.
  • Fixes a bug that prevented a small number of users from paying invoices with ACH.

December 30, 2020

Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed a big on the Module Management page that prevented tooltips from working correctly.
  • Added a page that is shown to users when they try to access a page that has already been disabled.
  • Added the ability to delete open invoices.
  • Fixed various UI bugs that made spacing look bad in text-heavy areas.
  • Fixed a bug where an infinite spinner is shown when trying to connect a new custom domain.
  • Fixed a bug where the Create button is not shown on the User details page (Invoices tab).

December 23, 2020

Improvements and Fixes

  • Added support for links in messaging.
  • Redesigned the module management settings page.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some file notifications from going through.
  • Fixed a bug that caused issues with invoices that had due dates 1+ years in the future.

December 16, 2020

Custom Domain Management

We've added the ability for customers in our middle tier and Enterprise tier to add and manage their custom domains directly in their settings. Previously this is something we setup manually but now this functionality is available on Settings/Domains.


Real-Time CRM

Similar to recent updates that were made to the Files module, the CRM is now real-time. This means that you never have to refresh to see the latest state. If a new client is created (via direct sign up or by someone on your team), for example, the client user will just pop in at the top of the table.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Renamed the Billing module. It was previously called 'Payments' on the sidebar and is now called 'Billing'.
  • Renamed the team user management page in Settings from 'Members' to 'Team'.
  • Fixed a UI bug that made the User Details page look bad on mobile.

December 9, 2020

Improvements and Fixes

  • Added the ability for internal admin users to delete other internal users.
  • Added roles for client users. If many clients are associated with the same organization the Admin and Staff roles can be used to give people on a team the right permissions.
  • Improved the clarity of the text in the settings menus.
  • Fixed a UI bug on the Files page which led to multiple dividers being shown.
  • Fixed a UI bug on the messages dropdown.
  • Fixed a bug where deleting a client user logged out some internal users.
  • Fixed a bug where new lines didn't appear correctly on Messaging.

December 3, 2020

Improved Empty States

For internal users and client users, we now show helpful text and illustrations on pages where you have not created any entities yet.


Improved Email Notifications

First, you can now send messages, share files, and create invoices/subscriptions for client users who you have not invited to your portal yet. When you do this, the email notification will prompt them to Activate Account and then redirect them to the relevant page.

Second, when a client user gets an email notification and clicks on a link, we automatically make the experiences as seamless as possible.

  • If they are logged in to your portal, we redirect them to their destination directly.
  • If they are logged out, we pre-fill their email and ask them to enter their password.
  • If they have not been invited yet, we pre-fill their email and ask them to Active Account (which means they have to set their password).

Improvements and Fixes

  • Added the ability to drag & drop files into specific folders in the Files module.
  • Redesigned the Messages and Files UI.
  • Improved the sidebar design (we don't show section headers if you only have one section now)
  • Fixed a bug in Messaging Settings that made it unclear who is included in Welcome Messages.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented saving changes on the Customization page where you used special characters.

November 19, 2020

User Details View

When you are on the CRM page, you can click on any user and see the User Details page. Here you can see important information on the left, and switch among Messages, Files, and Payments views on the right.


Files Module - Product Notifications

Similar to Messaging notifications, the Files module now shows notifications directly in the sidebar and sorts your channels in order of most recent notification. This makes it easy to know exactly when your clients are adding any new files.


Redesigned Authentication Screens

The Sign, Sign Up, Confirm Email, and Reset Password screens have been redesigned from scratch. They now all show your customizable Auth Image on the right, make use of your logo, load much faster, and work nicely on mobile.


Improvement and Fixes

  • Added placeholder images and text on the Landing Page Module so that it doesn't look empty before it is customized.
  • Removed 'My Files' as a channel in the Files module. You can still manually access these files if you need them but we found that having 'My Files' was inconsistent with the other channels and mostly caused confusion.
  • Improved the performance of new user signups and logins by ~22%.
  • Improved the formatting of messages in the Messaging module - especially for bullet points and numbered lists.
  • Improved how tags are created in the Knowledge Base module.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from creating new invoice templates.
  • Redesigned the toggles we use in various places in the product.
  • Redesigned the text fields we use in various places in the product.

October 29, 2020

Real-time Files Module

The Files Module is now real-time. What this means is that if you are logged in and your clients are taking actions (uploading files, renaming files, deleting files, etc.) you will see those changes happen directly without refreshing.

The Files Module is the first area in the Portal where we've enabled real-time. Over the next few months, we're going to make similar announcements for the other modules.

Billing Settings

We've seen many people set up billing customer portals for their businesses. To do that they turn off all modules except Payments and use their portal exclusively to make it easy for clients to pay them and see past invoices. Today's release makes this use case even better and includes "Billing Settings" which lets clients add multiple payment methods and set their primary payment method.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of billing customer portals, we wrote our first blog post on this topic yesterday.


Improvements and Fixes

  • Added the ability for internal users to select an invoice and "Mark Paid".
  • Added a phone number field to the Contact Us page in the Landing Page module. Now when new leads submit the form, you will get their phone number as well.
  • Added placeholder images to the Landing Page so that it looks good in areas where you don't set an image.
  • Improved the loading flow for client users who sign up directly.
  • Redesigned several email notifications to make the look more professional.
  • Fixed a bug where line items on invoices had a low character limit.

October 22, 2020

A New Brand for Portal

If you've visited our website you may have noticed that we have updated our visual identity. We're keeping the same name but have adopted a new icon and color scheme that better reflects our product.


Customizable Welcome Messages

We believe that it's incredibly important to give client users that sign up on your portals a great experience immediately after they create their account. We've added the ability to customize the welcome message that new client users get when they sign up for their account. Here's how it works:

  1. Go to Settings/Messaging and customize the welcome message. You can also customize the sender of the message and the others in the channel (if you have coworkers).
  2. When a new client user goes through the Sign Up flow they are automatically greeted with the welcome message that you set up above.

We recommend you update your welcome messages with something that makes the most sense for your business. For example, you may want to inform new clients what they can use your portal for, what services you provide, or how quickly you will respond.

Customize your welcome message in Settings/Messaging
Customize your welcome message in Settings/Messaging
This is what new client users see when they sign up
This is what new client users see when they sign up

Improvements and Fixes

  • Added a progress indicator that is shown when you upload files. This makes it clear how long uploading a file will take and is especially useful for larger files.
  • Refined many details of the landing page module - improved spacing on mobile, improved the menu button on mobile, adjusted the layout of the hero section on the home page, added a success message when Contact Us forms are submitted, and more.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in extra page refreshes when you did searched on CRM pages.
  • Fixed a bug that restricted the maximum amount of characters allowed for line items on invoices.
  • Redesigned the "Save Changes" bar that shows on the top of several pages.

October 15, 2020

Redesigned & Editable Landing Pages

We're excited to announce the full release of the Landing Page module. It was specifically designed for the professional services industry and is fully-customizable. In addition:

  • You can connect a scheduling tool like Calendly and set the primary button to "Schedule a Meeting" like in the image below.
  • You can connect all your social profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) which show up in your footer.
  • image

Permissions for your Team

We've significantly improved the experience for customers who have added other internal users to their team. You can now update the role of other internal users on the Settings/Members page. To start, we are supporting 2 roles - Admin and Staff. Admin users can access everything and Staff users cannot see the Payments module.


Mobile Redesign

As more interactions happen on phones we wanted to make sure that all modules work delightfully there. We've updated all pages and redesigned the Files and Messages pages from scratch to support a better experience.


An Improved Dropdown

The new dropdown menu allows you to easily distinguish between client users, client companies, and coworkers. You're going to see it across many modules, starting with Messages, Files, and Payments.


Improvements and Fixes

  • Added a badge to user and company icons that make it clear if you're looking at a client user or client company.
  • Improved notification emails for the Files module.
  • Fixed a bug where new client users who sign up were taken to the wrong page.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't delete a company.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't create a new invoice template.

September 18, 2020

Files - Folder Organization

On the Files page you can now create folders to categorize your docs and stay organized. Folders work exactly as you would expect them to with a simple drag & drop experience.

Folders open and collapse when you click on the caret
Folders open and collapse when you click on the caret

Files - Sharing Links

On the Files page you've always had the ability to upload docs. But with more and more things living in the cloud, you can now quickly add links to Google docs, Dropbox files, and more.

Click on "Add a Link"
Click on "Add a Link"
And enter the name and URL for the link
And enter the name and URL for the link

Payments - Templates

We understand that most of the time you are probably using the same invoice and subscription structure again and again. To save you time, you can now create reusable templates for invoices and subscriptions.

Click on the dropdown and you can select or create a new template
Click on the dropdown and you can select or create a new template

Improvements and Fixes

  • Added rules to automatically decide when to show your landing page vs. your portal based on whether the user is logged in or not. Note that this only applies if you have the Landing Page module turned on.
  • Added the ability to share files with just an individual (previously you could only share files with their entire organization). Individuals are now shown separately in the Files sidebar and are depicted with the letter "I".
  • Added validation to the payment create flows so that you are prevented from enter values that don't make sense.
  • Added logic that improves how deleting a client user impacts each of the Modules (for example, they are automatically removed from Messaging channels).
  • Redesigned tables - updated how empty cells are represented and how large numbers are displayed.
  • Improved the performance of the Files module.
  • Improved the email notifications for Files changes.

August 26, 2020

Landing Page builder

We've always supported both (1) connecting to an existing landing page and (2) setting one up with us. But so far the process of creating a landing page with us was manual. That changes today! If you have the Landing Page module enabled, you can now:

  • Click on "Pages" in the Landing Page section.
  • Turn on/off the pages you want.
  • Edit the content of any page and save.
Choose the pages you want in your Landing Page
Choose the pages you want in your Landing Page
After selecting a page, add text & images to each section
After selecting a page, add text & images to each section

Settings sidebar

We've completely redesigned the settings experience which now has its own sidebar. In future releases, we're going to add several new settings capabilities for things like notifications, permissions, and more.

The new Settings sidebar
The new Settings sidebar

Invoice attachments

You can now attach docs to invoices and subscriptions. This is great for scenarios where you want the payment process for clients to be simple while also giving them the ability to download a doc for additional information (hourly breakdown, terms, etc.).

Additional Email notifications

In addition to the notification emails we already have, we've added new ones for:

  • Notifications for internal users when invoices are paid.
  • Notifications for internal users when a client user signs up directly.
  • Notifications for internal users when a client user you have invited finishes setting up their account.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Added a cropper to the image uploading experience so that we can always use perfect aspect ratios for your icon, login images, etc.
  • Added invite-only mode as a portal-level setting that prevents direct client user sign ups.
  • Optimized the performance of loading payments data.
  • Redesigned the user avatar and avatar dropdown on the top bar.
  • Redesigned the status tags that are used across the product.
  • Redesigned tables to improve readability.
  • Improved the scrolling experience in messages and files.
  • Improved how client user deletions affect their data.
  • Fixed a bug that caused unnecessary refreshing on the Messages page.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the upload files button in Messaging to break.
  • Fixed a bug where renaming a file caused issues if the file was subsequently shared

August 5, 2020

Early Access Program

Over the last few weeks, we’ve invited some of you to join the Early Access Program. For those of you already part of it, we are very grateful for your support! Your feedback is the reason the product gets better every week. 🙏

If you are not yet part of the Early Access program but would like to be, please first take a look at our website which now reflects the features we support. If you believe we can support your workflows, please respond to this email and we will find time to onboard you. We’d also love to know if there are specific things holding you back from getting set up.

New Design

Today we are rolling out the next iteration of the Portal design. The design is bolder, more customizable, and looks even better on mobile.


Payments - Subscriptions

In addition to regular invoicing, we now let you set up subscriptions for your clients. Support is comprehensive and includes multiple payment methods, customizable billing periods, and a fully branded payment experience for your clients.

We’re very excited to see how this feature will be adopted. In the last few weeks, we’ve heard from many innovative firms that want to explore new business models, including:

  • Creative agencies that will provide a fixed number of monthly creative deliverables for a monthly fee.
  • Law firms that will make their knowledge repository available for a low annual fee.

Improvements and fixes

  • Added draft states to the invoice creation flow.
  • Added support for in-product sidebar notifications for Messages.
  • Added welcome messages for all new client users.
  • Added the ability to rename files.
  • Redesigned all tables.
  • Improved how due dates on invoices are selected.
  • Improved input rules so that you can only enter numbers in number fields.
  • Improved the experience of previewing images in Messages in full-screen mode.
  • Fixed a bug where some downloaded invoices had incorrect file names.
  • Fixed a bug where you could click on the 3-dot actions button in a table even if no actions are available.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t update the social sharing image for your landing page
  • Fixed a bug where you sometimes couldn’t delete a client user.
  • Fixed a bug where in Messages your profile picture sometimes didn’t show up correctly.

July 22, 2020


After months of small improvements, Messenger is now available for all Early Access customers. With Messenger, it's incredibly easy for internal users and client users to communicate. Here's how it works:

  1. Click on messages
  2. Select a channel
  3. Send your message

Behind the scenes, we've made sure Messenger works as intended. This includes:

  • Notifications: If a message is not viewed within 5 minutes we send an email notification with the content and a button to reply.
  • Client users that sign up to your Portal are automatically greeted with a Welcome message. In the future this message will be customizable.


The Customization page is coming alive today. In the past, you could see it but you couldn't update anything. Now you can navigate to "Customization" and personalize your portal without having to email us. You can now update:

  • Logos and icons
  • Social sharing images and the login/signup image
  • Color schemes
  • SEO titles and descriptions

Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed several bugs that caused page alignment issues on iPads and Safari browsers.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented favicons from showing up.
  • Improved the performance of loading pages that show user data.
  • Improved how tags are created in the Knowledge Base.

July 15, 2020

Connect your Stripe account

It's now easier to get paid. Under Settings/Banking, you can choose between 2 options:

  1. Express - Enter your banking information directly
  2. Standard - Create a new Stripe account or use an existing one

Improvements and Fixes

  • Redesigned the Customization page.
  • Improved the client user creation flow. Now, there is a checkbox that lets you quickly invite the user after they are created.
  • Renamed the CRM section to "Clients" with 2 sub pages named "Client Users" and "Client Companies".
  • Added colored icons for companies.
  • Added deep links to email notifications. Now, when you receive an email notification and click on the link, it will bring to the relevant page directly.
  • Fixed a bug where downloading some files showed them as being corrupted.
  • Fixed a bug where an email user invite to an existing teammate sometimes did not arrive.
  • Fixed a bug where client users who logged in sometimes saw the admin sidebar for a a few seconds.
  • Fixed a bug where signing out of the Portal didn't bring you to your landing page.

July 8, 2020

Knowledge base

The Knowledge Base is the best way to create content for your clients. You can use it answer common questions, introduce your offerings, and more. Here's how it works:

  1. Click on 'Knowledge Base' in the sidebar.
  2. Click on 'New Resource', and add a title, tags, and content.
  3. All content is now accessible by any client users that log into your portal.

Improvement and fixes

  • Added an invite status for internal users so that they can know if teammates are fully set up.
  • Added a Preview button to see files without having to download them.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the deletion of companies.
  • Fixed a bug where on mobile devices, after logging in, the zoom level is too high.
  • Redesigned the Files tab to work better on mobile.
  • Redesigned all modals to look better and more logically separate content from action buttons.
  • Redesigned email notifications.
  • Improved the animations on the sidebar when you select a new page.
  • Improved the performance of loading user information.
  • Improved the mobile experience of the Settings page.
  • Improved the design of tooltips across the product.
  • Improved the performance of loading user profile pictures by saving size-optimized versions.
  • Switched to a new domain, portal-notifications.com, for all email notifications.
  • Reduced the time it takes to log in.
  • Removed the "Back to Home" links on the login and signup buttons.

June 26, 2020

Files module

With the new Files Module, it's easier than ever before to collaborate with clients in a shared folder. Here's how it works:

  1. Click on Files in the main sidebar.
  2. Select your client in the Files sidebar.
  3. That's it - here you can see the shared folder for you and your client. When your client logs in, they can see exactly the same data. From this page you can upload new files, download files, and delete files.

Improvements and fixes

  • On mobile, table pages render better and let you horizontally scroll to see all content.
  • On mobile, table action columns now show drop down menus.
  • Company names now shows on the top bar beside the company icon making for a more on-brand experience.
  • Performance improvements for loading user data.
  • Renamed Marketing Page to Landing Page.
  • New users now automatically get assigned a colored icon with 2 letters representing their name. They can still upload profile pictures.
  • Added tooltips to all action buttons.
  • Added a new loading spinner to all pages.
  • Added a progress spinner to the upload file button.
  • Fixed a bug where a small fraction of email invite links did not work.
  • Fixed a bug where users could not be re-created after they were deleted.
  • Fixed a bug where closing a modal put all the buttons on the page in a bad state.
  • Fixed a bug where files could not be deleted.

June 19, 2020

Improvements and fixes

  • Updated the base font to Inter UI.
  • Updated the client sign up flow so that company name is optional. When no company name is entered, we automatically create a company called "firstName lastName's Company"
  • Added search capabilities to all pages in the product and improved search performance.
  • Updated our table styles so that any table action (add, delete, sort) that change what rows are shown use transition animations.
  • Added a logo API that automatically assigns company logos to users if a suitable match is found based on the user's email.

June 12, 2020

New sidebar

We've redesigned the Sidebar so that information is more accessible for internal users and client users. The My Portal section in the bottom is new and will let you connect an existing marketing page (if you have one) or setup a new one from scratch. The eye button lets you look at your marketing page in a new tab so that you can see what visitors see.


June 5, 2020

A new brand & website

We have a new color palette, new logo, and an updated marketing page. T website is still pretty barebones right now, but be on the lookout for more updates in the next few weeks.


Client user statuses

On the Portal CRM, you can now see statuses for your clients. The statuses include:

  • Active: Client User is setup and has logged in at least once
  • Invited: Client User has received an invite but hasn't logged in
  • Pending Verification: Client User has started to create an account but hasn't completed email verification
  • Not Invited: Client User has not received an invite yet

Improvements and fixes

  • You can now search on CRM/Users and CRM/Companies tables.
  • Success and error toast messages have been updated to be more helpful across the product.
  • You can now invite client users directly from the CRM/Users table by clicking on the invite icon.
  • Redesigned email notifications.
  • Redesigned all page layouts to work better on large screens.

May 29, 2020

Improvements and fixes

  • Updated the client user invite flow so that accounts can be activated by clicking on a link vs. having to enter a code manually.
  • All new users now have an icon that consists of the first letter of their first and last name. The icon is replaced when the user uploads a profile picture.
  • Various layout improvements to improve the look of your Portal on larger screens.
  • Improved tables so that they look better and load faster.
  • Desktop-only pages now show a modal that informs you of this. Mobile support is in the works.

May 22, 2020

Hello World

When Covid started to affect the communities around us and decimated our existing startup, we knew we had to adapt. We were inspired to work on something that helps companies embrace going virtual because for many that will be the only way to survive and for most it will be the only way to thrive. Because services like Shopify already exist to help physical product companies transition to e-commerce, we are specifically focused on professional service companies (creative agencies, consulting firms, law firms, etc.) which we understand well and for which no great all-in-one solution exists.

We're going to stay quiet for the next few months and focus on (1) building product and (2) onboarding early access users. Nonetheless, we thought it would be great to keep track of weekly progress, which is why we started this blog.

Shoot us a message if you are interested in what we're working on or want to be an early access user. You can reach us at hello[@]joinportal.com 🙂